So you’re probably wondering what 1 Year 2 Tri means…

You can read the full story on the About page, but the short of it is that after a long journey from semi-respectable athlete –> ex-athlete, I’m hoping to give this whole athlete thing another go.

Like a serious go.

As in I’m finally making a full commitment to triathlon; I’ve hired a coach and am giving myself at least one year of dedicated training to see where things might lead. 

1 Year 2 Tri…Get it? 🙂

And I’m SO excited, because honestly, after a seven year hiatus from competitive sport, parting with my career to have two kids, and four years as a stay-home mom, I can’t tell you what it means to have something I can do for me; a time in which I can focus on doing something healthy for myself for just a small part of my day.


So just a little background, since we’re all just getting to know each other…

I began swimming competitively at the age of seven and crossed over to middle distance/distance running in high school once I discovered I was naturally far better at it; the realization that I would no longer have to stare at a black line on the bottom of a pool for 12+ hours a week clinched the deal!

I ran collegiately at the NCAA D1 level, but after a promising freshman year just sort of fizzled out over the next three. It was beyond disappointing for me. My entire life I’d defined myself as an athlete and had never given up on my childhood dream of one day making it to the big leagues. But by the time I graduated I’d effectively lost my passion for running. swimming. training. competing. sacrificing.

all of the above.

So while I still felt massively let down by how my athletic career ended, I gladly shoved those dreams into a box and moved on with my life.

I got married, had a career and eventually started making babies.

I was happy. My life was full.

So why did I feel like something was still missing?

I began to realize that no how much I said I was done competing or how many recreational 5k’s I participated in, I deep-down really missed being an athlete–and everything that came with it. I still had things I wanted to accomplish on the track or in the pool or out on the road.

After I had my second baby in 2015 I got the itch to seriously get back in shape, and in the back of my mind, started wondering if it might be possible to some day work my way to the top of the amateur pack or even possibly break into the elite ranks…

In running? Nah. Swimming. Nope.


Why not?

It seemed crazy at the time, and to be honest it still does.

To date I’ve only done three triathlons: A sprint in 2011. An oly distance in August 2016. And an IRONMAN in October 2016.

Yes, a strange progression. I’m aware of this.

But after somehow managing to qualify for the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, the fuse was lit; that crazy notion I’d had about maybe someday becoming a real athlete again began to seem somewhat plausible. Maybe all I needed was a coach who could mold the tiny bit of accidental triathlon talent I had into some real potential.


I know, it might be a long shot. I’ve been away from legitimate training for a long time. I’ve got a solid 15 pounds to shed to get back to my college racing weight. I know next to nothing about triathlon.

But I want it in a way that I’ve never wanted something athletically before. The time away from competing has completely reshaped my appreciation for the sports I love; it’s changed my priorities and the way in which I view myself.


One year to try. One year to tri.

We’ll see what happens 🙂